Update your Espro Parts List quickly and easily Say goodbye to outdated pricing, manual updating and costly errors

TRASER CX manages your supplier price files and integrates pricing updates into Espro so that your Parts List or Estimates can be updated at any time.

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Integration with the following wholesalers

CNW Electrical Wholesale
Lawrence & Hans

The benefits of

Catalogue Management Software

Catalogue Management Software improves pricing accuracy, saves time and effort, enhances efficiency, promotes cost control and facilitates supplier management. It streamlines the estimating process, allowing estimators to focus on value-added tasks and deliver more accurate and competitive cost estimates.

Time and Effort Savings

Manually maintaining and updating pricing and catalog information can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Using a pricing service automates the process, saving valuable time and reducing the administrative burden of manually inputting and updating pricing data.

Improved Supplier Management

Catalog management helps organize and streamline supplier data. Estimating software integrated with a pricing service can centralize supplier catalogs, making it easier to manage, compare, and evaluate different suppliers and their offerings.

Increased Efficiency

With pricing services integrated into estimating software, estimators can quickly access and retrieve accurate pricing data, reducing the time spent searching for prices and streamlining the estimation process. This increased efficiency allows estimators to focus on value-added tasks rather than manual data entry.

Cost Control and Optimization

By having access to pricing information, estimators can identify cost-saving opportunities, compare alternative materials or suppliers, and select the most cost-effective options.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Pricing

Pricing updates provide accurate pricing data for materials, allowing estimating software to have the most current information. This ensures that cost estimates and project budgets reflect the latest costs, improving the accuracy of estimates.

Integration and Scalability

Pricing services are designed to integrate seamlessly with estimating software and other related systems. This integration enables easy data exchange, eliminates manual data entry errors, and facilitates scalability as the estimating needs of the organization grow.

Consistency and Standardization

Catalogue management helps maintain consistency and standardization across estimating software by providing standardized pricing data. Pricing is reduced to the parts lowest unit of measure. This ensures that all estimators within an organization use the same pricing information, reducing discrepancies and promoting uniformity in cost estimates.

TRASER CX is an excellent tool that helped me save a lot of time for any estimator. TRASER CX is a highly efficient software that allows for easy updates of our pricing, it can be customized to meet specific needs. Overall, I highly recommend TRASER CX to any estimator who looking for auto price update software that can save time and improve productivity.

Steve Zhang

IT Manager, Fredon Group

Pricing and Supplier Management the TRASER CX way

TRASER CX provides an innovative solution to manage all your Supplier Catalogues and neatly interface them with Espro to easily add and manage pricing updates to parts


TRASER CX has a number of features and benefits which sets it apart

Streamlined Supplier Catalog Aggregation

TRASER CX efficiently consolidates supplier catalogues into a unified interface.

Pricing Updates to Espro

Through API integration your Espro parts list is updated with pricing ensuring accurate and up-to-date cost estimation. You can quickly update pricing to selected parts or run a full update to all parts in the TRASER CX integration list.

Rank your preferred suppliers

Set up your preferred supplier for pricing, if a part isn’t available from Supplier 1 TRASER CX looks for pricing from Supplier ranked 2 then Supplier ranked 3 etc.

Trade Price from manufacturers

If a part isn’t available in your supplier catalogue, find a Trade Price to guide you from the Trade Service database as provided by the manufacturers.

Standardised Information


Generic parts such as cable have been mapped so that despite different Catalogue numbers you can view like-for-like parts.


Data from supplier price files is standardised and parts reduced to a Lowest Unit of Measure being “each” or “per metre” so if one supplier provides pricing per 100m and another per 305m roll the relevant unit price is provided.

Integration benefits

Integration List

The Integration List is a curated selection of parts created by you from your Supplier Catalogues. Instead of uploading entire Supplier Price Files into Espro, we only bring over and maintain these parts which are specifically relevant to your business. This ensures that your parts list remains uncluttered, leading to improved performance in Espro.

Adding Parts to Espro via integration

TRASER CX provides a consolidated database and view of all your Supplier Catalogues. Add relevant parts from the catalogues to the TRASER CX Integration list by simply dragging and dropping. These parts will subsequently be created in Espro and going forward the price updated through TRASER CX.

Set rules and apply consistently

Often Suppliers Catalogues contain inconsistencies and errors. TRASER CX allows you to correct affected parts (for example a change in the Pack Size) and those rules are put in place for the next time the catalogue is imported. That way the re-import of the file doesn't overwrite the correction made.

Automatic link to SPARX Assemblies and Price Book for Espro

If you have purchased the SPARX Assemblies and Price Book for Espro, TRASER CX will automatically populate this database with your supplier pricing.

The TRASER software is an essential part of my estimating package. It provides me with current pricing which ensures that the pricing within my estimating package is always up to date....I believe the TRASER system is a valuable tool to electrical contractors of all sizes.... I have no hesitation in recommending the TRASER system to any contractor, as a value for money and time efficient method of obtaining material pricing.

Brett Nash

Manager, RJB Australia


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